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1Gauge supports the following parameters:

Oil Pressure (0-145PSI) Trans Temperature (40-150°C) Single Voltage (7.5-16V) Air Fuel Ratio (Innovate 7.35-22.4:1)
Fuel Pressure (0-145PSI) Oil Temperature (40-150°C) Twin Voltage (7.5-16V) Air Fuel Ratio (AEM 4.4-8.8:1)
Carburetor Fuel Pressure (0-15PSI) Water Temperature (40-150°C) 2 x Exhaust Gas Temperature (0-1000°C) Air Fuel Ratio (AEM 10-20:1)
Manifold Air Pressure (-29 inHg > 87 PSI) Intake Air Temperature (0-100°C) 2 x Cylinder Head Temperature Air Fuel Ratio (AEM 6.6-13.2:1)
Fuel Level (With Linear Sender)

Package includes:
•1x Controller with Boost/Vacuum sensor inbuilt
•1x LCD Display (Your choice of White on Blue, Black on White or Black on Yellow/Green)
•1x LCD 7mm Bezel
•1x 2M Black Display Cable
2x Temperature Sensors - Genuine VDO 320.021 (40-150°C, 1/8 NPT)
1x Pressure Sensor- Genuine VDO 360.002 (0-145 PSI, 1/8 NPT)
1x Straight Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe (1000°C, 1/8 NPT)
•1x 4GB Micro SD Card
•Cable Hardware (Crimp/Quick release connectors & Insulators)
•Registered post Australia Wide

Default configuration: Twin Voltage, Oil Pressure, Oil & Water Temperature, Manifold Air Pressure (Boost/Vacuum), Exhaust Gas Temperature

In the default configuration, 1Gauge is capable of accepting the following inputs:
•3x VDO Pressure/Temperature/Fuel Level
•2x K-Type Thermocouple (EGT or CHT)
•1x Secondary voltage
•1x AFR/Carburettor fuel pressure

The included temperature and pressure sensors may be used interchangeably, eg, the included pressure sensor may be used as oil or fuel pressure. Please contact us if you require additional inputs.

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Optional Upgrades:
Display Color:

SALE! Save $27 and receive 2x FREE Warning lights worth $16

Additional Senders

Oil/Water/Transmission Temperature

40-150*C 1/8th NPT Long (Genuine VDO 320.021)

Oil/Water/Transmission Temperature

40-150*C 1/8th NPT Short (Genuine VDO 320.028)

Oil/Water/Transmission Temperature

40-150*C M12x1.5 (Genuine VDO 320.010)

Oil/Fuel Pressure

0-145 PSI 1/8th NPT (Genuine VDO 360.002)

Intake Air Temperature Kit

Includes: Sender, Connector and Aluminum Bung

Intake Air Temperature

3/8 NPT, 0-100*C

Carburettor Fuel Pressure

15 PSI, 1/8 NPT, Includes connector

90* EGT Probe

Right Angle, 0-1000*C, 2m Cable, 1/8NPT

Cylinder Head Temperature Probe

14mm id, 0-1000*c, 3m Cable

Cylinder Head Temperature Probe

5mm id, 0-1000*c, 2m Cable

Cylinder Head Temperature Probe

18mm id, 0-1000*c, 3m Cable

EGT Probe

0-1000*C, 2m Cable, 1/8"NPT


1/8NPT Weld on Bung

Choose from Aluminum or Steel

3/8NPT Weld on Bung

Choose from Aluminum or Steel

M12x1.25 to 1/8NPT Adaptor

M12 Male to 1/8NPT Female (Steel)

Radiator Hose Water Temperature Adaptor (Black)

Oil Filter Sandwich Plate (Silver)

3/4 & M20x1.5 Thread, 3x NPT

Warning Light

5mm Round with 22cm Cable. Connect up to 3

Intake Air Temperature Connector

Includes Crimp Terminals

Wiring Kit

6M 3Core 2MM

Mini Fuse Add-A-Circuit

Includes a 3A Fuse

USB Micro SD Card Reader

Read your log files & configure your 1Gauge via USB

3m Boost/Vacuum Hose

4mm For MAP sensor (Black)


LCD Display (Select Colour)

Display Cable

7mm LCD Bezel

Replacement 7mm Display Bezel

3D ABS Bezel (Black)

New release!

1Gauge Controller

Replacement Controller, Accessories not included

Cable Accessories

Including Quick Release connectors and sender terminals/insulators

Micro SD Card

Replacement SD Card with Default configuration loaded


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Australia Wide

International Postage

Registered and Tracked

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